The book is meant to be read and studied by those interested in understanding an electromagnetic (EM) model of our galaxy. The model shows that an EM wave originates at the center of our galaxy and travels outward with a half wavelength periodicity of about 32 million years. Coulomb and Hankel Wave Functions characterize the central and outer region of the galaxy respectively. It is interesting that at the center of the galaxy, a current flows perpendicular to the plane of the spiral, and that Coulomb Wave Functions are necessary to solve the boundary value problem. These functions are used in quantum physics. It is most fascinating that our galaxy can be modeled using functions that are used in quantum physics and give the solution to the radial Schrodinger equation. I have described, for the first time, the use of Coulomb Wave Functions at the macroscoptic galactic level. Also of interest is that the EM wave will concentrate ionic particles in spatial distributions around the wave maxima. The ionic particles will blanket the space occupied by the earth as the EM wave Maxima reach the earth at intervals of about 32 million years.