If you are a righteous person, miracles

may happen…

As the Christmas season approaches, Sylvester Calabrello and his family face a precarious Christmas with his grandson Joey diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. Sylvester is determined to give Joey a very special and joyful Christmas. However, unbeknownst to Sylvester, Jesus has blessed his family and has chosen eight-year-old Joey to be His righteous leader to usher in His second coming. Four years previously, on a vacation trip to the Holy Land, Sylvester’s daughter received a very holy gift for Joey from a messenger of Jesus. She was not to open the gift until the time was right. This Christmas, it is the time. The gift is a model Miracle Train. On Christmas Eve, the Christmas scene is completed with the Miracle Train, and Villages of Faith, Hope and Charity from past Christmases of the early 1940’s. Jesus’ plans start to unfold in Joey’s dream. Archangels take Joey on the Miracle Train, with stops en route, to the three villages for spiritual learning adventures.

Joey has a very close friend Margaret who also has a cancerous brain tumor. Margaret and her family are Jewish and they too believe that Jesus is the savior of mankind. The families rapidly bond and together experience the love of Jesus in the midst of this most holy holiday season.

The manifestations of Jesus become known as the miracles occur. The dream is revealed — compliments of

Divine Guidance


A Christmas Dream