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A Christmas Dream

Hi, thanks for visiting my web-site. Please click on the link that shows my Navy picture to read my biography. Lou Jasper's Literary Works, LLC was founded on January 24, 2011 so that I could promote my ideas and products. The majority of my efforts are to author both fictional and non-fictional books, novels and stories. My first paperback book is a fictional novel entitled "A Christmas Dream Faith, Hope and Charity." A synopsis and book cover views are given by clicking on the appropriate links. The links also show where to purchase the book ($12.99 for the paperback book). I authored a non-fictional e-book entitled "An Ultra-low Frequency Electromagnetic Wave in Our Galaxy." This short book is an electromagnetic (EM) analysis that is meant to be studied by students interested in obtaining knowledge of our galaxy. The galactic wave link gives a synopsis and shows where to purchase it for a cost of $4.99. I also authored 3 other non-fictional paperback books. Their links are the bottom 3 links located in the left column. They can be purchase at Amazon.com. My current project is a new board game entitled "Heaven Repentance Hell Gameboard." I have made a prototype and it is now being tested before I make the decision to go into production. Please click on my links to view other interesting features of this web-site. The model train link shows pictures of my train layout which I love to operate and show my friends.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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